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Adorable Girlfriend

There's nothing wrong with respecting the Constitution, what's wrong is the incorrect interpretation, which is what Scalito will likely do.

George Bush just yet again proves why events like September 11th happened: with a moron like that in office, hubris is going to get you sooner or later.


You wrote: "he heard this from several sources who are at the meeting where Bush said it. I am sure it happened"

I'm sorry to tell you, but, you DON'T know it happened. You are gossipping. If someone actually heard it, find the people who were at the meeting and supposedly heard it and verify it. Without doing that, it is not fact, only a rumor and you are no different than an old lady gossipping and spreading rumors about people she doesn't like. That's how the Salem Witch trials happened. 23 people were sentenced to death until the maddness stopped and they found out that the rumor was started by three teen agers who told a lie about a single lady who lived by herself on the outskirts of town. The town people chose to believe the teens because the old lady was different from them. They got caught up in the lies and believed them and became dangerous fools. Looks like you've fallen into the same trap.

No wonder not many people rea your blog.

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