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Tony Reed

I don't think that illegal immigrants are the problem here. In fact, in comparison with European countries, US immigration policy and treatment of illegal immigrants who are caught is pretty repressive.

What I can say is that if you want a living wage in the US, the answer is not trusting mindless corporations to give up their good earnings per share ratios. It's not going to happen. Nor is the government going to step in and regulate against their greatest campaign contributors.

Maybe the fact that US workers have such bad minimum working conditions has everything to do with the fact that when I left 10 years ago, union membership was a mere 15% and falling.

Yeah, in the 1950s unions were painted as "red". Yeah, everybody's got a union horror story. But NOBODY else is going to defend workers' rights against huge, faceless economic interests if the workers themselves don't.

So it's not Walmart's problem--it's US worker's problems. They behave like a bunch of sheep.

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